East Hills Bottle Depot:

How recycling should be.

Get ready to enjoy recycling!

When you visit us, there are no bad smells (we love to clean, constantly), there are no sticky floors (did we say how much we love to clean?) and there’s always a friendly team member on standby, waiting to help you. We’re a bottle depot that actually focuses on your experience.

Real human connection. Great coffee. We even have Netflix.

Recycling shouldn't be a chore.

You shouldn't have to spend your weekends in dirty, smelly warehouses struggling to get your cash back and trying to help the environment.

And now you don't have to.

How Recycling Should Be

We do things a little differently here - we truly love what we do and we want you to enjoy the recycling process too!

From the moment you pull up, you’re greeted with a smile. You’ll get help unloading your car. If you’re not sure where to go, we’ll guide you to the quickest line to get your bottles sorted.

Relax, enjoy a cup of coffee, the kids will be entertained (hello Netflix) and enjoy a clean, fresh environment while you wait for your refund.

We know recycling is just another thing that needs to be done, but we believe it can be an enjoyable experience too.

Our team believes in changing the recycling experience and perception… so you actually want to come back 🙂


Event Bottle Pick Ups & Commercial Recycling Services

Having a bottle drive? We got you.

We make bottle collection easy with our bottle pick up services. We offer bi-weekly, weekly or monthly pickup services to schools, bars, restaurants and other commercial establishments.

Yes, it’s really that easy.

Our Rates

Return rates offered by all bottle depots are government regulated by the Beverage Container Management Board (BCMB).

Current Rates:

1 Litre & Less: 10 Cents

Over 1 Litre: 25 Cents

Aluminum cans

Clear plastic/PET

Coloured plastics

Cartons/Gable tops




Foil drink pouches



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