East Hills Bottle Depot

Know Before You Go!

You’re a crafty, clever shopper, always looking for the best deals out there. We strongly encourage this behaviour, it’s important to be frugal, especially now. We’re here to make the search for environmental excellence and recycling for you much easier. So, let’s take a deep dive into our pricing rates and refund policies so that you know everything that you need to before hopping in your car and taking a quick trip to East Hills Bottle Depot.

Have you ever found yourself staring at that tower of bottles (great job stacking them up, by the way), wondering, “What’s this tower of power actually worth?” If so, we’ve got the key to unlock the door of knowledge and provide you with the treasures inside.

Here’s the lowdown: for containers that are 1 litre and under, you’re getting a respectable 10 cents, and for any container over 1 litre, you’ll be walking away with a generous 25 cents. All of these rates are government-regulated by the Beverage Management Board (BCMB). There’s no wheeling and dealing, it’s the same standard for everyone and every container across the board.

Of course, there are the refundable containers that we also accept because we’re all about recycling the right way. This means we accept a wide range of recyclable materials like aluminium cans, clear plastic/PET, coloured plastics, cartons/gable tops, tetra, bi-metals, foil drink pouches, bags-in-a-box, and even Earthware. If you’ve got any or all of these laying around and didn’t think they’d be acceptable then it’s a good news day for you! Plus, every item you bring in is basically one small step forward toward a greener, cleaner future.

Obviously, if you’re here then you’re curious about which containers cannot be refunded. It’s certainly an important distinction because you don’t want to load up the trunk with a bunch of stuff that we unfortunately can’t accept. If you’ve got non-beverage containers, containers purchased outside of Alberta, and a small range of non-registered beverage containers then they go elsewhere. Don’t stress too much though, if you’re still feeling unsure then bring it in and we’ll be more than happy to assist and sort everything for you. Trust us, we’re all in this together!

Now that you’ve got a strong sense of what is and is not accepted at our recycling depot, you might want to know that you can easily level up your game and score some extra cash simply by signing up for our newsletter! One-click and you’ll receive an additional 10% extra cashback on your next visit. It’s just one of the many ways we’re giving back and making things even better for you!

The environment might be fickle from time to time but we’ve got the magic touch and at our clean depot, every can, bottle, and carton you bring in is one tally toward a sustainable future. Don’t throw away, throw forward to a greener planet!

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