East Hills Bottle Depot

East Hills Bottle Depot Welcomes You!

Hey, Calgary! We hope you’ve been staying warm, it’s been a frigid start to 2024 but our city is tough and your ability to persevere never ceases to amaze us. It’s a privilege to provide for such a great community and we’re excited to serve you all year but if you’re new to our depot or local recycling in general then please allow us to introduce ourselves… Ah hem, We’re East Hills Bottle Depot, nice to meet you!

Imagine sparkling floors, the aroma of freshly brewed delicious coffee, and a vibe that turns your visit into a delightful day on the go – it’s enough to get out of the house and brave the cold. It’s just the start of what you’ll experience when you walk through our front door, including a five-star smile that says “you’re in good hands.”

We’re not just passionate about recycling, we absolutely love what we do and are certain that you’ll have a wonderful experience with us. Our friendly team is here to assist you with unloading your car, guide you to the quickest line, and make sure your bottles are sorted with a talented touch of efficiency. While you wait for your refund, kick back and enjoy a fresh brew on the house as you check out the best Netflix has to offer on our TV. That’s right, no more boring waiting around scrolling on your phone and it’s especially handy to entertain kids!

As a family-owned business, we’re deeply committed to our local community. Through our non-profit donation program, stress-free bottle drives, and active support for local events, we genuinely care about what matters to you. Whether it’s our non-profit donation initiative, involvement in bottle drives, Stampede breakfast, or supporting local events, we’re always interested in ways we can give back. Helping the environment shouldn’t be a chore, it should be an experience that you and your family genuinely enjoy. Our mission is to change the game and make regular recycling a part of your routine. 

Now then, let’s talk about perks. You might know that return rates at all bottle depots are government-regulated by the Beverage Container Management Board (BCMB) but we’ve got a special deal to get you more! Simply sign up for our newsletter and you’ll snag an extra 10% cashback on your next visit. Yep, we’re big believers in rewarding our awesome customers.

If you’re thinking of fundraising for things like youth sports gear, field trips, or school events, then our bottle drives are your secret weapon! We get that organizing one can be stressful, so we’ve made it a breeze. Our excellent team will work with you to find the perfect date so fundraising is easy and efficient.

Ultimately, it’s about making a positive impact on the world and caring for our shared environment. Every bottle you recycle is a tiny step towards a cleaner, greener future and contributes to the creation of a sustainable planet. When you recycle with us, you’re joining an international community that cares!

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