Why East Hills Should Be Your Preferred Bottle Depot

East Hills Bottle Depot is the hot spot to return your bottles!

May 19, 2020

Why East Hills Should Be Your Preferred Bottle Depot

We believe that your trip to the bottle depot should be more than just another errand, it should be the ultimate rockstar experience. From the moment you arrive at East Hills Bottle Depot, we want you to feel like part of our family.

Our goal is to make East Hills your preferred bottle depot. Read on to find out how we do that!

Guest Hospitality 

We want our guests to think of East Hills bottle depot like a 5-star hotel. How can a bottle depot be compared to a hotel? We’re glad you asked. 

From the moment you drive up, we offer valet service to unload your returnables right from your car and take you all the way up to the counter, where we unload and count your bottles for you. Each guest who walks through the door is offered a friendly greeting and free coffee because we believe meaningful conversations happen over a beverage

Our culture places immense value on the importance of connections, which is why East Hills is not just a Bottle Depot, it’s a whole mood. 

The Environment

Our lobby area features comfy couches where you can sit and hang with the crew, make new friends, or chill with some Netflix on the TV while we count up your bottles. Stay and drink some coffee at our coffee bar while enjoying the beautiful paintings on the wall or even try your hand at our air hockey table. The environment should enhance all five senses, which is why our industrial ozone machines work to eliminate odours. That means you can enjoy the smell of freshly brewed coffee, not stinky old beer.


Whether you are spending a Sunday afternoon cleaning out your garage of empty beverage containers or running your errands on a weekday morning, East Hills Bottle Depot is in the most convenient location. We are located right across from East Hills Costco, so not only can you make some extra money from returning your bottles, but you can also pick-up your groceries for the week. We are all about easy, breezy living! 


Whether you decide to stand at the counter while your bottles are counted or kick back on one of our couches, you can trust that your bottles are counted correctly. We have front-facing monitors so you can easily watch your count in real-time. We also know that mistakes can happen, which is why we would love to have that conversation with you in the rare event that something does go wrong. 


Sticky floors aren’t an enjoyable experience for anyone, which is why we clean our floors 10 – 12 times each and every day. We also dedicate our time to prioritizing the cleanliness of our depot so our guests can feel comfortable every time they walk through our front doors.

If these reasons haven’t already convinced you of why East Hills should be your preferred bottle depot, come on and in and see what the hype is all about or visit our website here to get in touch.

We love to see photos of you visiting East Hills Bottle Depot! Join us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and let us know what your favourite thing about East Hills is by using the hashtag #EastHillsHype and tagging us. You just might be featured on our social media channels!

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