The Best Date Night Spots In YYC


Jun 28, 2020

The Best Date Night Spots In YYC

The past few months have made it a challenge to connect with our family and friends. With lockdown, we turned to technology to allow us to connect. It has been even harder for those who are in relationships or single and dating because date nights have been impossible to keep spontaneous. 

You’ve probably binge-watched everything on Netflix and if you’re like us, you’re probably excited to go on dates in the real world now that the re-opening of Alberta has begun! Whether you like fancy cocktails, playing games, exploring museums or checking out comedy clubs, we have compiled a list of the best date night spots in YYC to ignite the spark in your dating life

Cocktail Bars and Food 

Calgary has some of the trendiest and most unique bars in the province that serve up creative cocktails sure to impress your date.

Take a step back in time to the 1920s at Betty Lou’s Library, where you call a secret phone to enter. Impress your date with a 1920’s inspired cocktail in a velvet leather chair under the ambience of a soft glowing chandelier. 

The Wednesday Room has a plethora of cocktails, food and a grand piano along with chic decor from the 1960s to put you in that date night mood. 

If you’re looking for a super-secret spot and want to try some of the best sushi in town paired with cocktailsAjito is the perfect place. In order to enter, you have to find the secret Coca-Cola door! 

Active Dates 

Does Skeeball, basketball, and arcade games sound more up your alley? Greta Bar is the perfect first date ice breaker. Playfully show off your competitive side, enjoy a drink and dabble in some street food from a local food truck. 

If you and your date are night owls, then a , comedy show at Yuk Yuk’s is a great place to go. They always have local performers and stand-up comedians that are sure to make you and your date laugh the night away.

Romantic Dates

Spend the night rekindling your romance and getting to know your new lover by stargazing at the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory. Located a brief 30-kilometre drive southwest of Calgary’s city centre, this is the perfect destination to truly show off your romantic side. They are currently closed to the public now, but keep an eye out for their re-opening date! 

Stroll through Prince’s Island Park, sit by the river, enjoy ice cream and take in the sunset. The views are incredible and will sweep your date off their feet! 

Once you’ve tried all these date spots, make a date to bring your recyclables back at East Hills Bottle Depot where we will treat you with free coffee and Netflix! A couple that recycles together, saves the earth together! 

Don’t forget to let us know on Facebook,Twitterand Instagram where your favourite spots to go for a date in YYC are and you might be featured! 

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