Recycling innovations

Recycling Innovations: Where The Future Of Recycling Is Taking Us

September 7, 2021

It’s clear that the future is recycled and recycling innovations are coming in hot. Chemical recycling, an innovative plastic recovery technology, is out to make plastic more sustainable. The new technology is attracting tremendous interest…

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Upcycled wooden crates as wall decor

Interior Design: How to Use Upcycled Home Decor

It’s clear that the future of design is sustainable and upcycled home decor. The latest Nielsen Global Sustainability report found that around 66% of consumers were willing to pay a little more to use sustainable elements in their homes. Gone are the days of ugly recycled furniture. Instead, tons of people have gone all-in on sustainable decor,…
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buyer's guide to sustainable brands

The Buyer’s Guide to the Best Sustainable Brands

Fashion’s carbon footprint is giant. More than 2.1 billion tonnes of carbon enter the atmosphere each year due to the fashion industry.  Material creation, processing, and impact of production have a significant effect on our planet. Did you know you can make more environmentally friendly choices when it comes to the brands you support? Greenwashing is rife these…
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How you can help keep our oceans clean

How to Help Keep Our Oceans Clean: 11 Things You Can Do

Finding ways on how to help keep our oceans clean is a task that shouldn’t be reserved only for environmentalists and people living near the coasts, but for everyone inhabiting our planet. The ocean is the world’s life support system, yet humans and human activities are its biggest threat. It’s a problem that stretches from…
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DIY projects to teach your kids about sustainability

8 Cost-Effective DIY Projects To Teach Your Kids About Sustainability

At the heart of it, sustainability is all about saving the environment and creating a healthy future for our kids. It’s something that your children should definitely learn about so that they’ll know how best to help our planet as they grow up.  With sustainability issues now taught in many school curriculums, your child might…
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What is the difference between biodegradable and compostable

What’s The Difference Between Biodegradable & Compostable?

As we become more aware of our impact on the planet, more people are actively trying to be more environmentally-friendly, taking more of an interest in sustainability and the environment – which is always great to see. We love it when people start taking an interest in recycling! This never-ending quest for a greener life…
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How to celebrate Earth Day 2021 in Calgary

How To Celebrate Earth Day In Calgary

Here at East Hills Bottle Depot, every day is Earth Day. And, as we celebrate Earth Day in Calgary this year we thought we’d give you some recommendations on how you too, can honour the earth, even amidst the current pandemic. We’ve rounded up a list of ways you can take part in the celebration,…
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Costco Hacks Canada: Your Ultimate Guide

Costco Hacks Canada: Your Ultimate Guide

Looking for the best Costco Hacks in Canada? We’ve all been there – you stop off at Costco for some bulk-discounted bargains, and you end up leaving with maybe too much toilet paper, a four-person steam sauna, and enough ketchup to last you a lifetime.  However, there’s more to this wholesaler than meets the eye…
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East Hills takes you on unique outings in YYC

Unique Outings In Calgary

Calgary offers many unique and hidden gems. Have you ever wanted to try surfing, but aren’t able to make it to Hawaii or Los Angeles? Or pet a kangaroo but can’t head to Australia? YYC can make your dreams come true! If you have ever wanted to learn how to surf, or just practice hanging…
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East Hills helps you find the perfect patios in yyc!

The Best Patio’s in YYC For Summer Hang-Out’s

Summer is the best time to get together with friends, try new food, sip cocktails and check out new places. With Alberta opening up, now is the perfect time to explore some of Calgary’s best patios. Grab your crew and hit up one of these Calgary hot spots this summer!  Rooftop Patios  Summer is the perfect time…
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Grilling Recipes and YYC Beer Pairings to Try All Summer!

The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and we are now able to gather in the backyard to spend time with family and friends. Summer is the perfect time to try new recipes – especially when they are made on the barbecue. It is also a good time to try new beers from local…
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