How Can an East Hills Bottle Depot Bottle Drive Help Your Kid’s Sports Team?


May 29, 2020

How Can an East Hills Bottle Depot Bottle Drive Help Your Kid’s Sports Team?

There is nothing more enjoyable than watching your child score the winning goal, have fun with their friends on the hockey rink, or sink that basket you practiced 20 times before the big game. Sports help our children make friends, have fun and stay healthy, but they can also cost a lot of money. Especially for the parents who are expected to help raise money for equipment, uniforms, coaching, travel and more.

Did you know for a child to enjoy a year of their favourite sport it would take approximately 4000 pop cans or 1600 4 litre milk jugs to earn the money? 

This is where a bottle drive at East Hills Bottle Depot can help you raise the funds to match your goals while helping your child score all of their goals! 

One of the best things about a bottle drive is that they can be done more than once and all year round; so not only can you raise enough money for one goal, but you can even raise enough for next year’s goals too! At East Hills, we make it extra easy to set up and take care of everything along the journey to ease any stress. 

A bottle drive helps fundraise in a short amount of time but it also teaches your children the value ofworking as part of a community and the value of money all while they bond with their teammates. It is also a fun way for the children to learn about their local community and feel a sense of pride in being able to raise their own money for their team. 

There is no greater reward than being a part of a team and being able to crush your goals – on and off the field. 

If we haven’t convinced you on why bottle drives should be your go-to for raising money, come on in, or visit our website for more information. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see what all the hype is about! 

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